Development from 2D to 3D

Development from 2D to 3D- Planning and simulation by Brownfield and Greenfield


The replanning of a factory based on 2D “as-built” documents may include some risks. Planning errors or undetected collisions can cause unscheduled additional costs during phase of construction.

Living several decades, it its not uncommon for factory operators having incomplete 2D drawings of the factories, depicting only a friction of current structure.

In order to factory facilities can be adapted to new production requirements quickly and flexibly, an accurate life-cycle model of a factory is crucial.

We accelerate your projects and simplify the transition from 2D to a 3D life-cycle model. Costumers can focus on the proposed changes on the CAD data needed for a life-cycle model. Our company creates 3D-models based on existing data, such as scanned plans, 2D CAD-models or 3D machine models.  At the same time, we document your projects and reduce any inconsistencies. In case no drawings exist, we create all data needed for a 3D-model, using tachymeter or HDS (3D laser scanner).