3D Laserscanning

Non contact caption of the “as-build situation” during production

Unfortunately, it often happens, that there are non or incomplete built-documentations. The documentation of hand proves to be a quite difficult and complex process. With the traditional methods, like manual surveying with a laser distance meter or tachymeter, one reaches the economic and technical limits very quickly.

For these reasons, we use 3D scanning or HDS (High-Definition Surveying) with Leica’s ScanStation P20 and P40 for large and complex machining allowances in halls. More and more costumers are demanding for “As-built” documentations through High-Definition Surveying (HDS). The documentation via HDR allows to realize projects highly standardized and with a proportionate lower expense.  These point clouds produced by HDR will be edited easily with Leica Cyclone or directly with MicroStation V8i or AutoCAD.

Your advantages:

  • Time-saving captures for a more accurate representation of the actual building, topography or infrastructures in 3D
  • Detailed basis for planning, like conversions and renovations
  • Admission of a building (walls, ceiling, floor, beams)
  • Capture all lines of the TGA (technical building equipment) such as compressed air, air conditioning, heating, electric cable ducts etc.
  • Recording of all topographic elements during the scan
  • 3D point cloud as proof of the comprehensiveness of the model
  • CAD models from scanned buildings
  • Provide a basis for planning, collision check

Our devices:

  • Leica ScanStation P20
    • Range 120m
    • Speed up to 1 Mio. Points/Second
    • 3D positioning accuracy 3mm@50m; 6mm@100m
  • Leica ScanStation P40
    • Range 270m
    • Speed up to 1 Mio. Points/Second
    • 3D positioning accuracy 3mm@50m; 6mm@100m

Our references:

  • approx. 14.5 million m³ factory and office buildings incl. TGA  scanned and modeled
  • 3300 m runway scanned before and after refurbishment for quality assurance
  • 500 m tunnel scanned and modeled for stocktaking