Fire protection

Creation and maintenance of escape and rescue plans and firefighter plans

Escape and rescue plans, firefighter plans and fire safety regulations are essential elements of organizational fire protection and and very important for survival in case of an emergency. In addition fire brigades and emergency responders use them for fast orientation in the buildings. Unfortunately, it looks different in reality:  Plans hanging at the wrong position or with false details, occure as often as “colored floor plans”. In case of an emergency these plans are not helpful, on the contrary: they increase the risks for workers and emergency personnel.

Builders and operators are obliged by law to hang out proper plans and improve them regularly- in case there are no plans they can be held liable. DIN 14095, DIN ISO 23601 and BGV A8 demand that they must be created in accordance with these DIN standards and should be checked every two years by appropriately qualified personnel.

We offer a comprehensive service, beginning with the planning on side, creating the plans in our office, showing them to the fire fighters up to the assembly. Our escape and rescue plans are informative, clearly arrenged and visually appealing. Everything from one source!

For our costumers we created in the period from 2005 to 2019 about 4500 plans, including escape and rescue plans as well as firefighter plans. Of course all plans and libraries are created in MicroStation.