Industrial and engineering surveying for capturing, alignment, quality assurance and monitoring a factory and construction surveying

Besides accompanying constructions surveys, like setting out or making-out of axis-line, our surveyors carry out high-precision engineering surveys. We are exclusively using modern and high-precision instruments (tachymeter theodolite, motorized total stations, digital levelling instruments and 3D scanner) by Leica Geosystems.

MessCAD is used as a real-time system solution on site, on the building site or in the factory building, as a digital field book on a tablet/laptop or Colibri. During survey work, the values are passed from tachymeter to MicroStation on a tablet/laptop or Colibri in real time. Accordingly, simultaneously  a DGN drawing is created in MicroStation while surveying. This feature allows a fast, quick and efficient measuring of the structure as-built. Another advantage is, we can respond to errors immediately on side, time-consuming rework in the office is reduced to a minimum.

Unfortunately, it happens often, that there are non or incomplete built-documents. The documentation of hand proves to be a quite difficult and complex process. With traditional methods, like manual surveying with a laser distance meter or a tachymeter, one reaches the economic and technical limits very quickly. For these reasons we use 3D scanning or HDS (high-definition surveying) with Leica’s scan station C10, the P20 or the flagship the P40 for large and complex measurements in factory halls.

More and more costumers are demanding for “As Built” documentations through High-Definition Surveying (HDS). The documentations via HDS allows to realize projects highly standardized and with a low proportionate expense. The point clouds produced by HDS can be edited easily with Leica Cylcone or directly with MicroStation Clud Worx V8i.

The following devices are used in our company:

  • 2 devices of TCRP1202+ R1000 , tachymeter with EDM/ATR/PS
  • 2 devices of TS15 I 1″ R1000 , tachymeter with camera/PS
  • 1 device of DNA03 digital levelling instruments
  • 2 device of Leica ScanStation P40
  • 1 device of Leica ScanStation P20