Indus­tri­al and engi­nee­ring sur­vey­ing for cap­tu­ring, align­ment, qua­li­ty assuran­ce and moni­to­ring a fac­to­ry and con­struc­tion surveying


Bes­i­des accom­pany­ing con­struc­tions sur­veys, like set­ting out or making-out of axis-line, our sur­veyors car­ry out high-pre­cisi­on engi­nee­ring sur­veys. We are exclu­si­ve­ly using modern and high-pre­cisi­on instru­ments (tachy­me­ter theo­do­li­tes, moto­ri­zed total sta­ti­ons, digi­tal level­ling instru­ments, 3D laser scan­ner etc.) by Lei­ca Geosystems.

Mes­s­CAD is used as a real-time sys­tem solu­ti­on on site, on the buil­ding site or in the fac­to­ry buil­ding, as a digi­tal field book on a tablet/laptop or Coli­bri. During sur­vey work, the values are pas­sed from tachy­me­ter to Micro­Sta­ti­on on a tablet/laptop or Coli­bri in real time. Accord­in­gly, simul­ta­ne­ous­ly  a DGN drawing is crea­ted in Micro­Sta­ti­on while sur­vey­ing. This fea­ture allows a fast, quick and effi­ci­ent mea­su­ring of the struc­tu­re as-built. Ano­t­her advan­ta­ge is, we can respond to errors immedia­te­ly on side, time-con­suming rework in the office is redu­ced to a minimum.

Unfor­tu­n­a­te­ly, it hap­pens often, that the­re are non or incom­ple­te built-docu­ments. The docu­men­ta­ti­on of hand pro­ves to be a qui­te dif­fi­cult and com­plex pro­cess. With tra­di­tio­nal methods, like manu­al sur­vey­ing with a laser distance meter or a tachy­me­ter, one reaches the eco­no­mic and tech­ni­cal limits very quick­ly. For this rea­son, we use 3D laser scan­ning or High-Defi­ni­ti­on Sur­vey­ing (HDS) for lar­ge and com­plex mea­su­re­ments in halls. This is done with Leica’s P20 and/or P40 pul­se-dura­ti­on scanners.

More and more cos­tu­mers are deman­ding for “As Built” docu­men­ta­ti­ons through High-Defi­ni­ti­on Sur­vey­ing (HDS). The docu­men­ta­ti­ons via HDS allows to rea­li­ze pro­jects high­ly stan­dar­di­zed and with a low pro­por­tio­na­te expen­se. The point clouds pro­du­ced by HDS can be edi­ted easi­ly with Lei­ca Cyl­co­ne or direct­ly with Micro­Sta­ti­on Clud Worx V8i.

The fol­lowing devices are used in our company:

  • Lei­ca Total­sta­ti­on TCRP1202+
  • Lei­ca Viva Total­sta­ti­on TS15 I 
  • Lei­ca Viva GPS-Smar­t­an­ten­ne GS14
  • Lei­ca Viva GPS-Smar­t­an­ten­ne GS16
  • Lei­ca Digi­tal­ni­vel­lie­re DNA03
  • Lei­ca Digi­tal­ni­vel­lie­re LS15
  • Lei­ca Scan­Sta­ti­on P20
  • Lei­ca Scan­Sta­ti­on P40