Our phi­lo­so­phy: fast, reli­able and just-in-time. We see our­sel­ves as your part­ner and sup­port you when having capa­ci­ty cons­traints, nee­ding spe­ci­fic know­ledge or you want to out­sour­ce pro­jects for eco­no­mic rea­sons. Years of expe­ri­ence and a high­ly fle­xi­ble ope­ra­ting team gua­ran­tee a com­pe­tent sup­port for our cli­ents. This inclu­des a detail­ed con­sul­ta­ti­on, for which we take as much time as the cos­tu­mer wants and needs. 

We attach gre­at impor­t­ance to impro­ve our know­ledge con­stant­ly and use the latest tech­no­lo­gy. For the­se rea­sons, inves­ting con­stant­ly in pro­fes­sio­nal trai­ning cour­ses and the newest hard­ware is essen­ti­al for us. Con­se­quent­ly, we fea­ture high tech­ni­cal stan­dards at long sight and ope­ra­te eco­no­mi­c­al­ly. So we will not only meet the requi­re­ments of our cos­tu­mers, but rather exceed them.

caadplan GmbH is your part­ner for Micro­Sta­ti­on in the nort­hern part of Ger­ma­ny.  Rigid pro­ces­ses are unknown to us, we focus on the dif­fe­rent requests of our cli­ents and try to find pro­blem-spe­ci­fic solutions.

Abdul­lah Dönoglu
Board of Management